Give Your Dog the Gucci Pooch Treatment!

Get dog grooming and spa services

Gucci Pooch is a brand new dog grooming and spa service that wants to make your furry best friend look truly fantastic! We make getting your canine shampooed and cut easier (and more fun) than ever before, with friendly staff members and online scheduling available.

We offer:

  • Full dog grooming
  • Mini grooming
  • Creative grooming
  • Nail clipping
  • Bathing

Want something special?

Gucci Pooch is not your ordinary dog grooming company! Our staff members are great at both traditional and more creative grooming styles. Whether you’re prepping your pet for the dog park or the runway, we’ve got the fabulous looks that you’ll truly love!

3 reasons to regularly groom your dog

  1. Socialization. The more often your dog experiences bathing or nail clipping, the less stressed he or she will be during these super important tasks.
  2. Controlling shedding. If you have a breed of dog that sheds a lot, regular grooming is one of the best things that you can do. You’ll cut down on the amount of excess hair left in your dog’s fur—and your carpet!
  3. Appearance. Besides making your dog look (and smell) better to you, your dog cares about his appearance too! Give your dog a makeover and watch as the pep in his step increases.
Call Gucci Pooch at 208-794-9841 to schedule your dog’s grooming today!

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